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Upside: The New Science of Post-Trauamtic Growth has been praised by The Washington Post, Scientific American Mind, Psychology Today, Kirkus Reviews and Spirituality and Health magazine. I have appeared on To The Best of Our Knoweldge, the Leonard Lopate Show, the Marilou Henner Show and many other media outlets to discuss post-traumatic growth and other topics.




The New Science of Post Traumatic Growth

Underground Wellness Radio

August 21, 2015


The Marilu Henner Show

August 20, 2015


Conversations with Peter Solomon

August 16, 2015


Interview with Rabbi Rami for Spirituality and Health magazine podcast

August 16, 2015


The Silver Lining of Trauma

The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

August 12, 2015


The Positive Side of Pain

To the Best of our Knowledge, Public Radio International

July 5, 2015


Please Explain Medical Marijuana

Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

March 21, 2014


Medical Marijuana in New York State

Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

January 9, 2014 


Backstory, the Medical Marijuana Industry

Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

October 11, 2012


Is there an Upside to Post Traumatic Stress?

Minnesota Public Radio

March 26, 2012





Scientific American MIND Reviews Upside

Jim Rendon’s book explores “The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth”

Scientific American Mind

November 1, 2015


After Trauma, New Strength as Well as New Scars

Survivors of terrible accidents and losses often find more meaningful ways to live and richer types of happiness

The Wall Street Journal

September 18, 2015


They Endured PTSD, and Emerged Stronger

The Washington Post

August 24, 2105


We Shall Overcome: Upside is Designed to Inspire and and Provide Practical Help for Trauma Victims

Psychology Today

August 14, 2015


Surprise! Maybe There’s an Upside to Downside

The Charlotte Observer

August 3, 2015


How Trauma can Change You—For the Better!


July 27, 2015


Is There an Upside to Tragedy?

Yes, Say Psychologists. It’s Called Post Traumatic Growth

O The Oprah Magazine

July, 2015


Review of Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth

Spirituality and Health July-August 2015


Review of Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth

Kirkus Reviews

May 14, 2015



For interviews please contact Leah Morse at Simon and Schuster at

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