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The New York Times Magazine 

Post-Traumatic Stress’s Surprisingly Positive Flip Side

Orb Media

Age Well: Attitudes Matter In A Graying World

Your view of old age can determine how well you age and how long you live. Orb Media found that where older people are more respected, they are healthier and wealthier.

The Wall Street Journal

After Trauma, New Strength as Well as New Scars

Survivors of terrible accidents and losses often find more meaningful ways to live and richer types of happiness

Marie Claire

When Female Veterans Return Home

More than 380,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and about 1 in 5 of them return with post-traumatic stress disorder. One unorthodox veterans’ retreat is teaching female soldiers that war has not broken them. In fact, their anguish may be key to their transformation.

The New York Times

In Search of Savings, Companies Turn to the Sun

East Bay Express
Farallon Feud 
When scientists at the national marine sanctuary tried to kill Lawrence Groth's ecotourism business, the captain bit back.


Mother Jones

Dan Rather: Inside Mark Cuban's Gilded Cage

The New York Times Magazine

Rusty Cloutier Has Money to Spare

Orb Media

Fighting Blind: Struggling to Close the Terrorist Pipeline

Since 2001, governments have spent trillions of dollars fighting terrorism, yet the number of countries impacted by terror attacks has grown. And an even larger percentage of the public now accepts this violence. This focus on military and law enforcement has left prevention programs poorly funded and lacking evaluation. But new research investigating the role of social relationships in terrorist recruitment may provide a new way forward.

Marie Claire

Skating for Justice

Bridie Farrell was a promising 15-year-old speedskater when she started training with Andy Gabel, one of the sport's most decorated athletes. Now, more than 15 years later, she's opening up about disturbing allegations of misconduct— and raising unsettling questions about whether Olympic officials are doing enough to protect athletes from abusive coaches and competitors.


The Planned Parenthood Shooting Survivors Finally Speak Out

The workers who survived the 2015 shooting can't tell you their names - but they want you to know their story.


Why So Many Young Cancer Survivors Are Thousands Of Dollars In Debt

A cancer diagnosis can do much more than damage your health. For young women in particular, it can be a financial disaster.

Business and Real Estate

The New York Times

Broadway Hits the Middle School Circuit

Adaptations of Broadway musicals to be performed by middle and high school students are becoming an increasingly important revenue stream for theater producers.


The New York Times

When a Co-op Board Misbehaves

Shareholders sometimes bristle at rules enforced by co-op boards, but if a board oversteps or works against owner interests, there is little recourse.

The New York Times

Innovations Threaten the Neighborhood Bike Shop

Now a new bicycle — or a mechanic to repair an old one — can come directly to the customer.


Four Great Places to Retire

The New York Times

Williamsburg, Toddlertown

Once a magnet for the postcollege, skinny-jeans set, a Brooklyn neighborhood is making room for strollers.

The New York Times

When Nations Need a Little Marketing


T: Travel, The New York Times’ travel magazine

Altitude Slickness 

At a storied Swiss resort, one wide-eyed designer is scaling modernist heights.

Key, The New York Times’ real estate magazine

The Curse of Duncraig Castle

The New York Times

A Mies Masterwork, Deteriorating and in Dispute


Redefining Local The American University of Sharjah injects some regional ­tradition into the rapidly modernizing Middle East.


Social Studies

Foster + Partners lend form to an English school’s experimental approach.

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