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Praise for Upside


“An inspiring read.”

--The Charlotte Observer


"Upside “tells the stories of 19 people who survived combat, accidents, personal attacks or disease and who went on to remake their lives, find new narratives to propel them and emerge stronger than before.”

--The Washington Post

"A tapestry of poignant stories about a wide range of people who have triumphed over agonizing losses—of children, spouses, limbs, fortunes, careers, dreams—interwoven seamlessly with the results of dozens of relevant scientific studies and stories about the pioneering researchers who conducted them...If you are looking for inspiration, perspective and some unexpected science, Upside is a good choice."

--Scientific American Mind


"Rendon’s original psychological reporting and poignant writing points us to the passage to hope and inspires us to help others."

--Gail Sheehy, best selling  author of Passages    


"His book is designed to inspire and provide practical tools for a fuller and more fulfilled recovery…. The by no means inconsiderable virtue of Upside is that it contains scientifically-grounded recommendations about how to get there and personal testimony about how it feels when you do."

--Psychology Today

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